Last Winter I wrote this:

It tells the story of écovallée from before the Big Green Idea, through where it all went horribly wrong, and up to the point where we…

No, I shouldn’t give too much away. The thing is, I could spend ages looking for an agent, then a publisher, then go through the stress of meetings, edits, proofing and the like. Or I could just publish it myself. Which is what I did a few minutes ago.

As you might expect, I’ve gone about it a bit differently. Part One, called “The yurt camp, the English mafia and the French resistance” is available via paypal from the shop on the écovallée facebook page. It costs €1 and will be emailed as a pdf. Obviously, this gives you the chance to share it around for nothing – but if you did that, you’d never get to read Part Two. Because I will only start writing “Descent into Hell” when I have sold 1,000 copies of Part One.

Obviously, you could go about it a bit differently too, and share it with everyone you know for nothing. They could always come back and buy their own version at a later date.

Right. Having launched myself onto the world stage as An Author, I have to go and feed the animals.

Being involved in this was one of the most exciting things I’ve done in a long time.

Circle, by Eva & Manu

Now, back to the sand filter.

I didn’t like the weather forecast earlier in the week. And sure enough, constant light rain meant we couldn’t record the video outside today. To make up for it, Eva and Manu will play the song live on streaming following the filming tomorrow. I’ll post the time and link as soon as I know what the weather is going to do. They’re rehearsing it next to me right now and I can tell you it’s a beauty.

Thank you to everyone for sending in your words. Let’s see what Eva and Manu can do with them in the next 24 hours. (I’m glad I’m not a songwriter today!)

In the meantime, you can visit their blog and hear what they’ve written so far on their epic European tour… here.

Come back tomorrow and see what you’ve done…

By this time tomorrow, you could be part of an international songwriting sensation. Let me explain.

The musicians

We have a couple of musicians staying with us right now, who are travelling around Europe in a campervan writing their first album together. They are called Eva and Manu and they look like this:

They are not new to songwriting. They both went to Berklee College of Music in Boston (which is a pretty big deal actually – ex-Berklee students can be found all over your iPod). Manu has already released one album and Eva has five or six to her name.

The idea

While I was working in the woods yesterday, I thought it would be very cool to have Eva and Manu write a song while they’re here. To add a little spice, I thought maybe they should write it in 24 hours. And because social media is doing such amazing things in the world at the moment, I thought maybe everyone else could write the words.

They said yes. Now it’s your turn.

The rules

a) In the next 24 hours, you can leave one word in the comments section under this blog post. (If you are shy, you can send an email instead. And if you can’t choose one word, send a couple – just don’t go mad.)
b) At 0900 tomorrow morning (French time), I will give the words to Eva and Manu. They will then have just 24 hours to write the song. This will be filmed and posted here immediately.

Got that? You and your friends write the words. Eva and Manu write the song. If it’s good enough, it could even be on the album.

I am going to start the whole thing off with the word: Hands.