We haven’t been enjoying our usual Spring weather recently, so work on… the… new 12-foot yurt area has… been somewh…at int… er… rupt… ed.

Her Outdoors has nearly finished the wall on which the kitchen will be built, though, and only needs a few hours for the roof (look at how lush that grass shouldn’t be):

new yurt area

And I need some dry (non-strimming) hours to paint Death to All Wood-Boring Insects on the joists and a couple of days to lay the floor.

yurt platform


I’m pleased with the new joist layout (not that anyone will see it after the floor goes down). It’s satisfyingly close to the original design.

Two and a half years ago, I had a crack at the yurt camp world record in this post, wherein I mentioned Yurt Professional Matt who hires coppiced ash yurts through Yurtopia (and made our 12-foot Roaming Yurt), yurt makers Yurtshop who crafted écovallée’s own coppiced chestnut guest and play yurts – and even wrote ‘yurt campsite’ a couple of times for good measure.

It was an unveiled attempt at securing the top spot in the world’s leading search engine, based on what little knowledge of SEO I had at the time. And it failed, earning a historically forgettable second place according to this computer.

Perhaps I should have used words like yurting and yurters, instead of yurt and yurts; or expressions like nomadic yurts, yurt campsites and family yurt camps, instead of the more simplistic yurt campsite; or included geographical references like Dordogne yurt camp, yurt camp in France and Aquitaine yurt campsite.

Only this post will tell.

Spent the last couple of days finishing the 12-foot Roaming Yurt in time for its first outing – a pre- and post-wedding yurt in the north of the Dordogne.

Good job I checked the email yesterday, just after I finished the tenons on the door uprights. It said they wanted the yurt today – not tomorrow as I thought (no wonder I was so relaxed). Which meant the paint on the door was still a bit wet when I put the yurt in the car.

And the cover still needs a couple of tweaks before it’s completely perfect. Here it was this afternoon when I finished setting it up.

So if you need a yurt this summer and can’t stay with us because WE’RE FULLY BOOKED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 3, you can always book the Roaming Yurt. It’s more for couples than a family although the four of us lived in a 12-foot yurt for a few months. Depends how much space you think you need. Also ideal for an extra bedroom for extra special guests (or stick them in your own bed and sleep in it yourself).

Email for availability and to see if I’m in the mood for some kind of deal or other.