I can’t remember being so busy. After re-laying the 18-foot yurt floor (mentioned here) and putting it back up, we turned our attention to the other 18-foot yurt. We took it down, trimmed the floor and put it back up. Her Outdoors spent days scrubbing the canvas to clean and re-proof it. At the same time, I grabbed every spare moment to work on songs and melodies for a couple of solo piano gigs, she worked on re-covering a massive three-seater sofa, two-seater sofa and some more furniture. And there was the veggie patch and animals. Kids in there somewhere. I also flew (!) to the Isle of Wight for some ethical copywriting work and wrote a website for that excellent client that I’ll tell you more about in the future. Had a couple of band practices and a gig. Welcomed a bunch of guests. Did gardening work off site et very much cetera.

But, finally, it’s beginning to calm down.

Oh, among all that, readers from other continents may have noticed that people in Europe were given a rare chance to show their political leaders which direction they want the world to go – and inexplicably, a massive percentage voted for it to get a whole lot worse. Yes. Around 25% of those who voted (people who have apparently had access to education) chose parties with policies that encourage hate and intolerance. Many, many people couldn’t even be bothered to vote. At a time when the planet is under relentless attack from fossil-fuelled corporations running a ruinous, waste-based economy that threatens the survival of every species (even all those lovely little kittens shared on social media sites), Green parties actually lost seats.

How do you react to a situation like that?

Well, we’ve talked about it and have decided to do exactly what we love doing. Not for the benefit of anyone else, but selfishly because we want to make our corner of the world more and more beautiful. So we’ll be growing plants, looking after animals, and creating structures out of our own materials. We’ll be using all our talents to their utmost degree. And, selfishly, we will be sharing what we do with anyone who’s interested. The rest of the world may be content to go to hell, but there’ll always be a little bit of heaven right here.


I just read this comment from ‘peterbaldwin’ on Robert Peston’s blog. It’s very well written – it’s even spelt correctly:

“It is understood I hope, that Capitalism as it has been known during the last 30 years is all but dead. An immensely painful transition is about to get underway in the western economies. As a nation we can embrace the changes and help it along, or we can resist, thereby making the transition even more painful than it needs to be. At the moment, and I fear for the next few years, it looks like we are going to resist. We will keep borrowing, keep pumping money into a dead economy, and we will keep digging this hole deeper and deeper.

An enlightened government however would see the crass stupidity in this action and take a look to 10 or 20 years ahead and see where all this is leading and start planning for it now. For that is really what governments are for, the long term and not the short term, as unfortunately they all seem to be these days.

In 10 or 20 years the market economy must cease to exist. If we artificially keep it alive, then as a nation, and as well as a race, we will plunge headlong into total economic and social collapse as the accelerating environmental changes take hold and demand impossible resources to deal with them, especially if we want to keep our present day levels of consumption and living standards. The eco system can no longer support us.

So the future is a known quantity. It is a hot, hungry, dry and hard place to be. If the present way of life is to change, as it must, then it must change in a controlled way to meet the future we see coming. Economies, production methods, social systems and personal needs all have to be directed to a way of life that can be sustained.

Money as King is a corpse. Profit as prince is dead. What we are seeing at the moment with the tax payer directly and visibly supporting the economy and thereby our society. This will continue and become the norm, expanding into all areas of money and material production. It will not be called Communism, but rather Socialised Capitalism.

The trick will be to stop the taxpayer realising his power and keeping it in the hands of those who currently weld it. Until that trick is achieved, then the current pain will continue and deepen because the power welders will be scared of letting go and scared of change to the status quo.

When the transition is completed, then accelerating competition can ease and our focus can be turned to the real issues. Our very survival.”

More on this, later.