There’s nature blooming everywhere at the moment! Trees are budding, the hawthorne have turned a particularly lurid spring green, the grass is lush and just now, up by the tractor shed, I saw the year’s first orchid. (I think it was waiting for the rain that started last night; it’s been very dry.) A bit early to tell but it looks like an Early Purple. I’ll take a photo when I get round to it.

If you can’t wait till then, click on the orchid label below.

Apart from being ill for a few days (and discovering I’m not very good at it – what’s the point in being this fit and healthy if you’re too weak to do anything with it?), I’ve been working on the first guest yurt platform…

…the outdoor kitchen/eating area…

…and the compost toilet.

But I couldn’t help noticing that the pyramid orchids are through.

(For precision-oriented nature watchers, Her Outdoors said they came up about a week ago.)

Following the recent “Day of the Orchid” date-based écovallée scientific study, we saw the first Burnt Orchids today. They could have come up yesterday and not been noticed. But it won’t have been much before that.

More on this, later.

Today we saw our first Early Purple orchids poking through the ground, between the veggie patch and the tractor. We think it’s a bit later than last year, but can’t know for sure. Next year, I’ll be able to tell you with something approaching scientific accuracy.

(Reading “Song of the Dodo” at the moment, after a few years of resistance. Predictably, it’s brilliant. Makes island biogeography a subject you’d want to queue up to study.)

I’ve been very, very busy. And I’m going to get a lot, lot busier. But as the saying doesn’t go, you should always make time to stop and post the orchids.

This one, which has a name not revealed here (too busy to look it up – see above) appeared over the road from ecovallee:

This is one of the Lizard Orchids just down the road:

And here’s one of the orchids we were expecting this year. The inaccurately named Red Helleborine:

Yesterday, I told you about a bee orchid I found over the road. Well, Her Outdoors went on an orchid walk last night and discovered it’s not a bee orchid at all. I don’t have the name for you now. Just the name it’s not.

I can tell you that this orchid also grows in écovallée:

But I can’t tell you its name, either. Tsk. Some bloggers.

This one came as a surprise to Her Outdoors the other day. “I want to find a new orchid”, she said to herself. Then looked into the woods and saw, not one of the orchids we’ve been waiting for, but our very own Greater Butterly Orchid:

I couldn’t wait for a Bee Orchid to show up. So I nipped across the road at the top of our drive and shot this one. I think it’s quite nice:

(Oh, I never explained the change of format for the photos.)

Been away from the confuser for a while, so these piccies are a little late.

To give you some idea how close to Orchid Central we are, this sign was nailed to our postbox a few weeks ago:

Recent additions to our own collection include the White Helleborine:

And the Pyramid Orchid:

We’re still waiting for two Her Outdoors remembers seeing last year. I’ll keep you posted.

The orchids are back. So far, between the tractor and the veggie patch, we’ve found these (shot like this for reasons that will become clear when you see the website):

Early purple orchid:

Lady orchid:

Fly orchid:

Burnt orchid:

I’ll keep you posted as the others come up.