You may have read this post a while ago, when I introduced you to my friend and former colleague Phyllis Foundis. At the time, this writer/performer was trying to crowdsource funds to create a TV show in her native Australialand.

If you did part with some folding money, you can give yourself a big fat pat on the back for sponsoring a winner. After making her show and getting it shown locally, then nationally, some weeks ago she picked up some kind of well-deserved awesomeness award. And just a couple of days ago, she was awarded “Most Outstanding New Talent 2015” at the Astras. Which had a red carpet and everything.

Here’s a picture of her and the glassware. You’ll be seeing more of her in the future…

phyllis foundis

A short post to celebrate the fact that my friend and former colleague, Phyllis, successfully raised the money she needed to create her own TV show through Pozible. (If you decided to support her after reading this post, a big THANK YOU on her behalf.)

Through the miracle of Star-Trek-type technology, we spoke to her yesterday at home on the other side of the world. At one point during the conversation, she and her husband Kym blamed some of their inspiration on our project. I’d just like to pass the buck on this one and pin the whole thing on Liz and Ringo.

We met Liz and Ringo through our daughter, who was a good friend of their son. We got on well. We even went to each others houses a couple of times. But only a few weeks after we met them, they said: “We’re moving to Spain next month”.

They packed up their life and were gone.

What this showed us was that there are two paths. You can either dream about what you want to do, or you can just do it. Only one of these paths ends in regret.

Since stepping off the hamster wheel of 21st Century mundanity, we’ve met some amazing people who are doing some incredible things.

People like Cathy and Greg, who designed and built a beautiful straw bale home near here. Eva and Manu, who wrote music while touring Europe in a camper van (as documented on their travel in music blog) and then got signed by Warner Music. Sarah and Philippe, who renovated and opened what is now our favourite restaurant (Les Petits Plats) in Couze. And dozens of guests and helpers who are doing fantastic things, or ordinary things fantastically well.

But this post is not about them.

This post is about a small, feisty Australian woman I met in London at the turn of the millennium. Phyllis Foundis.

At the time, Phyllis had written a book called The Virgin Club and was performing a one-woman show and faking orgasms in various venues in London. I know, what’s so special about that? After taking her show to the Edinburgh Fringe, she returned to Australia, had kids, wrote screenplays, and some words for money, and no doubt some other stuff. Aside from the odd email, we haven’t really been in touch.

Until this week.

This week, I’ve discovered this small woman has one of the biggest dreams I’ve ever heard. She’s creating a TV show. Just sit with that for a moment. We all have ideas about books, films, songs, pictures or whatever. Occasionally we start one but it rarely gets beyond an outline or a couple of pages of prose. Phyllis has come up with an idea, pour vast amounts of energy into it, assembled a team of famous (in Australia) people, made a pilot episode, and the first series of “Foundis” is set to air in January next year.

Why am I bothering to tell you this? Because Phyllis is crowd-sourcing the finance for her show and you are the closest thing I have to a crowd. You can find out more about the show here, and pledge some money here. If you only send her $25 AUS (which is not as much as it sounds, as their exchange rate isn’t great) you’ll get your name on the credits for the whole of the first series.

Imagine. Your name on TV for the equivalent of €17. For helping to make someone else’s dream a reality. If you’ve got lots of money and want to be credited as a Producer, you can do that too. Or you can just tell someone else and they can get the credit.