I’ve been wondering how to start this year’s posts, in which I will explore the theme of “community sufficiency” as mentioned in this post. But we just watched this youtube video, following a twitter tip-off, and I thought you might be interested (click on the captions button and marvel at the Russian-sounding language that is Portuguese a short way in):


One thing I may have written before is that our nearest town, Lalinde, was the first in the Dordogne to start the journey to become a Transition Town. I’ve been to a couple of events and helped the core people put together this blog – and they’ll certainly be featuring here in the months ahead. Along with news of how our new local currencykindofthing, the JEU, develops. (It’s more of a time bank, but I’ll get into that later.)

Final Interesting Thing for Now: I heard just before the New Year that two people are moving to Lalinde as a direct result of the transition initiative. It’s understandable – if we had the money in 2007, we’d probably have moved to Totnes.

Happy New Year, by the way.