We’ve had some fantastic guests in écovallée, but up there among the all-time greats are Ed and Pip, who stayed with us at the end of our first year.

Before they went home, Ed insisted on collecting several tractor buckets of rocks from the hillside on the other side of the valley, where they’d been unearthed by the pigs, to a pile by the Play Yurt. I told him I’d post photos of what we did with his rocks, so he could see the physical mark he made on the landscape.

The years passed and Ed’s rocks sat there collecting leaves.

Eventually, some of the rocks were laid on the track at the bottom of the guest field, so the tractor didn’t tilt so alarmingly when ferrying stuff back and forth. (It’s an old tractor, without a rollbar, and one of the most terrifying tools known to man. One slip and it’s certain death. Which would be very inconvenient for Her Outdoors and fairly unsettling for the kids.) Here are those rocks:

eds rocks 1

Now, finally, the rest of Ed’s rocks have been moved by Her Outdoors to their final resting place in the écovallée parking area:

eds rocks 2

Thanks Ed. You can come back any time.