In August 2006, we had a Big Green Idea. We decided to get off the hamster wheel of 21st-Century life, sell the house, buy land and live self-sufficiently in yurts, with dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, a horse and whatever else came to mind. For money to buy fuel, insurance and other things we couldn’t grow or make ourselves, we would build the most environmentally and family friendly yurt camp in the world! (My idea, I’m afraid.)

Did we know what we were doing? No. Absolutely not. But we didn’t let that stop us.

August 2007 saw us moving (with our two small children for added difficulty) to 10.47 acres in the heart of the Dordogne – and everything that could possibly go wrong, did. This blog tells almost the whole story, from the first thoughts about devolving, to buying yurts, land and animals, working on the land with almost no experience, dealing with staggering French resistance to our wonderfully simple idea, moving onto the land, building a campsite and hundreds of pages more.

It’s not always a happy tale – we’ve been to hell and back during the writing of this blog – but I’ve always tried to find the humour in sometimes desperate situations. (It’s part of being British. And growing up with Monty Python.) You will also have to forgive the occasional bit of swearing. But in the circumstances, I think it’s understandable.

PS This blog was originally created on another blogging platform and was imported into wordpress in September 2012. Early posts containing images have formatting issues I will get round to when I have time. Please bear with me.

2 Responses to “What it’s all about”

  1. Carl Bryar Says:

    Hi there
    thought I would say hello as I have been following you for a few months now as we are looking at setting up a similar format just south of Limoges.
    We have bought a small farmhouse in need of major renovation with a few acres of land. The plan is to put 2/3 geodesic domes (big pods) on the land and rent them out. We are planning on being self sufficient and as eco friendly as possible. We have been trying to get planning permission for about a year now, and they are insisting on us installing a mammoth septic tank and large shower/toilet facilities even though we want to go the compost toilet/ solar shower route. Fortunately the house buying had a clause in it saying we didn’t have to pay until we got planning permission, so we do have a get out clause if needed, but I really hope it doesn’t come to that.
    Your set up has been very inspirational and we look on you very much as mentors (myself and my partner) and hopefully if all goes well we will keep in touch

    All the best


    1. Hi Carl. What a great comment to read! I’ll send you an email privately with first thoughts, but we might need to talk. I assume you read the post on wanting to open a yurt camp…

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