Perfect yurt for couples

Introducing easyurt: Stay in the 12-foot couples’ yurt for less than before, when you bring your own sheets and towels.

First of all, Happy New Year to readers and guests past, present and future.

There’s plenty to be excited about in the coming months – with some huge changes guaranteed for écovallée.

For those of you still wondering, after the not-so-recent posts, the yurt camp will be open for business as usual. I’ll be receiving guests from mid-May until the end of September and you’ll find the prices here.

As with last year, I’ve found a way of keeping the prices down so that the maximum number of people can come and stay here. A few of last year’s guests complained that écovallée is “too cheap” and I’m “underselling” it. But the idea was always to create a planet-friendly yurt camp that I would want to – and could afford to – stay in. In 2016, you can stay for less than last year if you: (a) bring your own sheets and towels and (b) leave the yurt and communal areas as pristine as they were when you found them. Both of these will mean less work for me, which will leave me more time to socialise with you.

Everybody wins!

Of course, you can always opt for using the sheets and towels that are already here – for a fee that covers the cost of the local laundry. But I’ll still encourage you to leave the place looking beautiful.

One final thought for now – if you’re planning on coming, don’t leave it too long to book. The exchange rate is still in your favour…