Back in 2008, weary after so many futile meetings, I wrote this blog post. At the time it looked like our bureaucratic troubles were over. They weren’t. A couple of years later, we stopped going to meetings with bureaucrats because it was just upsetting.

Until today.

This afternoon, we’ve got a meeting with our third mayor in eight years and have been asked to “bring everything” relating to the project. (I’m going to need a box for all the papers.) We’re assured that we’re in the final stages of the bureaucratic process, but there’s always another piece of paper that needs to be stamped. In this case, a new organisation that apparently needs to know all about us.

So I’m bringing the bureaucracy tab out of retirement and I’ll let you know what’s going on as it happens.


Tweaking the dossier today to give to the person in charge of the process this afternoon. Will have to wait until January for a Final Decision on change of use. I’m hoping that will be this coming January…