June 2015

Every now and then, I like to bring you a minute (or so) from écovallée. Here’s a video I shot yesterday, on my reasonably priced phone, from the hammock outside Mustardseed…

I thought I’d done another lesson on “truc” and “bidule”, but actually those were from a comment by Leon on Lesson 3 back in the heady days of 2014.

Moving swiftly on, here’s my word of the moment: “Mec” (pron: “Meck”).

It means “guy” or “bloke” in English (or “chap” if you’re of a certain age) and – like “bidule”, “truc” and “machin” – when you’ve heard it once, you’ll hear it all the time. Use it, and you may get raised eyebrows from people impressed with your slang. But be careful, or you’ll quickly get lost in a sea of “machins”.