This time last year I was rebuilding the Mustardseed platform. Now it’s time for the Peaseblossom platform, which I unmade a couple of weeks ago. This morning, it looked like this:

yurt platform

One of the problems we’ve had with this platform is that there hasn’t been enough room between the yurt and that cutaway at the back. Which makes it a bit of a nightmare when it comes to leaves gathering, mud splashing and various other things. So, I’m moving the whole platform away from the wall by a couple of feet.

Which means planting some acacia uprights.

The nearest useful tree was about 100 metres away, growing at a jaunty angle. I chose the one on the left…


…and cut my nine supports, which will all go about 45 cm into the ground.

yurt platform 2

As soon as I publish this, I’m off to strip some bark and pound the first post. No pressure, time-wise, but we do have a family staying in this yurt in less than a few weeks. Fortunately, the weather’s just turned perfect and will hopefully stay that way.