Now, we blushingly admit that écovallée gets gushingly great reviews on Tripadvisor and Canopy & Stars. But we know where there’s room for improvement – and one of the improvements you are going to see in 2015 is this:

solar heater

You see, our existing solar shower has not been up to the job. Yes, it’s simple. Yes, it cost enough to make you believe it should last for years. But the tank is too small, it’s cold in the mornings when most people want to use it, and last year something went so wrong with the regulator that it ran cold much of the time.

We’re not going to fight it any more. We’re going to put it in storage and invest in the kind of thing you see above. Our friends Ben and Anna at the Quinta do Figo Verde campsite in Portugal have tested this Greek-made system for a couple of years and they love it.

Don’t worry – everything else about our beautiful solar shower will stay the same. The snail shell cubicle, the gravel filter and reed bed, the willow trench, and the joyous experience of showering in the open air.

The only difference is that the water will be as hot as you like, whenever you want.