July 2014

One of the things I’ve been doing this year – partly for fun and partly for money – is playing in a band.

The band’s called SouthWest and we play store openings, bars, weddings, parties, corporate events – that kind of thing. I’ve made a website at www.south-west.fr and put together facebook, twitter, G+ and youtube pages (all in their early stages). But I haven’t really talked about the band yet, as we’ve been short of photos, video, recordings etc. And those things will only dribble in over the course of the year.

Yesterday, Glenn (the singer) told me he’d put some video footage from a recent wedding in my dropbox folder. So I dug it out and put this together on iMovie 10. It runs to nearly four minutes and, if you’re looking for a wedding band in the Dordogne in the next few months or years, or a band for a Christmas party, you should give it a watch. (It’s a compilation, so you won’t have time to be bored.)

From time to time, I’ll be talking about music on this blog, and am thinking about doing a series of keyboard tutorials over the winter to demonstrate the parts I play to these songs, for other people who need to learn them fast.

On four.

We’ve had people staying in écovallée almost continuously since April. Now we’re taking a deep breath before the main season begins, with both family yurts booked from Saturday until the other side of “Summer”.

The weather’s been close to perfect and temperatures are just about to cross the threshold into the high 30s. That’s the forecast, which really means the low 40s. Our guest yurts are all in shade, so they’re comfortable to be in during the day. Our yurts, unfortunately, are in full sun. Which means we live outside from mid morning until early evening. Which partly explains the lack of blog posts.

Lots going on – pretty much all of it good – just not enough time to write about it.