Over the Easter weekend, Her Outdoors suggested we actually go out and do something. So we went to one of our favourite places – Marqueyssac.

Being a holiday Sunday with perfect weather, obviously the place was packed. But if you look past the crowds you’ll see why this is firmly at the top of the écovallée must-see list for guests.

Not just for the view on the way in (that’s the Chateau de Milandes on the left and Beynac on the right – Castelnaud is just out of shot on the left):

marqueyssac view

Or the famous topiary:

marqueyssac hedges

Or the chateau (currently undergoing renovation):

marqueyssac chateau

With its roof made of actual rocks:

marqueyssac tiles

Or its buggy-friendly paths:

marqueyssac path

Its rocky paths:

marqueyssac path 2

Its funky paths:

marqueyssac path 3

Its shady paths (see what I mean about the crowds of people – although to be fair, that’s me):

marqueyssac path 4

Or the free activities for children:

marqueyssac painting

Or even the playground:

marqueyssac play area

Or the views from the platform overlooking La Roque-Gageac:

marqueyssac view 2

No. We love every bit of this place and we go at least once a year. We’ll be going back in a couple of months on a Thursday evening, when the gardens are lit by thousands of candles and there’s live music everywhere. It’s ridiculously romantic.