The Mark V website for écovallée is now live and looks like this:

écovallée screen shot

Click on the image to visit the new site right now.

I really enjoyed doing this, although it meant many hours spent in front of a screen. My only regret was loading enormous images into the WordPress media library, which had to be re-sized and re-loaded when the whole site was nearly finished. (My advice: Choose a reasonable size at the start and stick with it. I went for 400 pixels high, which is no doubt unnecessarily big. But everything in écovallée is over-engineered, so that goes with the whole spirit of the place.)

Huge thanks again to Luke Seall, who helped me again this morning when the site on my local server had to be moved to my web host. If you’re looking for a website designer, you should see if he’s got some time free. I know he’s busy until next year, but that’s only a couple of weeks away.