The wood I mentioned below arrived yesterday and looked like this (the pallet is mine, for scale):

brasse of wood

In volume terms, it’s one “brasse”, which is four “stère”, each stère being one cubic metre. It’s oak that’s been dried for a year and cut to 40cm lengths to fit our fire. When stacked, it looks like this (the wood’s on the right and is two rows deep):

wood stacked

With this small pile on the pallet, ‘cos I didn’t have time to rearrange the lefthand side of the wood store.

wood stacked 2

In financial terms, it was €250 cut and delivered. A friend told me he gets a brasse delivered by a local farmer for €160, but it’s mixed and has a lot of chestnut. (We’ve only just started burning oak and immediately found it lasts twice as long as chestnut and burns hotter, too.)

I’ll let you know how long it lasts. I’m hoping two months.