One of the many exciting improvements we’re making before the start of next season is a new website.

Yes, I know the we have at the moment is very beautiful. But it was designed by a designer, using a load of programs I don’t have access to, and there are a number of limiting problems. The headlines are built as images, for example, so can’t be tweaked. Changing the text is a bit bewildering and I have to write code that sometimes goes wrong. Not to mention adding buttons at the bottom and making the “maps” fit. I also want to make the blog and twitter feed part of the new site – and who knows what else in the future?

As with many things, I’m going to be doing this experientially, and for as little as possible. I’ll keep you informed of my progress when relevant.

To begin, I’ve decided to build the new website using wordpress. Everyone raves about wordpress, and I’m vaguely familiar with it through writing this and other blogs. I’ve also decided to create the new site on my computer, rather than “live” on the Internet, for which I needed some software called MAMP. Getting these two things to talk to each other, even with YouTube video walk-throughs, was not entirely straightforward, so I also put a call into Luke from project1p (who is now exchanging website design for money) and now I’m in a position to start.

It’s going to be raining for a few days, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long before you see more. But I can’t show you too much, or it wouldn’t be part of the Longest Teaser Campaign in History.