Long-time (d)evolutionary readers may remember this image from the project1p website back in 2011:

luke 1p

Briefly for new readers, Luke started that year with 1p which he traded up to see what would happen. (No, he didn’t hear about the paperclip guy until afterwards.) What happened was that he got in the press and on TV and had a rollercoaster of a ride for six months. (His blog has all the details.) We got involved in the project and exchanged a yurt holiday for a custom-made metal object that our guests will know as the frame for the snail-shell shower.

This snail-shell solar shower:


Yes, that’s Luke pointing at a 1p soldered onto the frame. He dropped in on Thursday with his partner and we finally got to meet. Here he is again:

luke - écovallée

(I don’t have access to image-manipulation software at the moment. You’ll have to pretend that this is a good photo. I took some better ones but this is the closest to the original. Obviously I would have rotated it slightly if I could. I hope you’re not too disappointed. I’m disappointed. But I’m coping with it pretty well.)

One interesting thing about this shot is how much longer the shadows are in the Autumn than high Summer.