log cutting bench

You may remember the log cutting bench on the left from this post last September (the wood shed in that post is currently empty and the experiment itself failed – the multiple log cutter collapsed on second use and I went back to the original bench).

I made the Mark I bench in a hurry in 2009 from some scrap wood and, like many quick fixes, it saw years more service than I would have thought.

But today I got around to making the Mark II, with a few design improvements that will be of interested to some of you:

  • The new bench is 80 cm wide, which allows for 40 cm cuts to fit the fire.
  • The middle support is centred, allowing for work from both sides.
  • The point at which the round wood crosses has been raised a few cm, which suits my height better and will ease strain on my back.
  • The upper horizontal braces have been dropped, so the saw won’t nibble them like it did on the old bench.

That’s the theory anyway. I haven’t actually used it yet and will let you know how it works out. Incidentally, the experiment from the other post was very labour saving and is still a good idea. But a portable, almost-free (it cost some nails and screws I already had) bench is still incredibly useful. You can put it together in a couple of hours and it will serve you well for years (or far longer).