Last week, some of our guests spotted people pulling crayfish (US: crawfish) out of the lake in nearby Lanquais. So they went back, armed with a chicken drumstick and a bucket, and pulled out about 60 in a few minutes. Unfortunately for our guests, they went out for dinner that night, which meant we got to eat them all ourselves!

First, I found this very useful picture story by George Monbiot on how to make a crawfish (UK: crayfish) net and how to cook them, then had a go myself. As these were quite small, I went for ten at a time for about five minutes in quite salty water. Here’s the before, during and after shot:


Shelling took a while and you do end up with lots of waste – but you also have a delicious, ethical, foraged, restaurant-quality feast. Prawns have been almost completely off the menu for a few years for us, which is a shame because we love them. But these taste almost as good and we’ll be eating them again as often as we can. (For this first attempt, I fried the tails lightly in garlic butter, with a dash of lemon juice, and stirred them into pasta.)

Highly recommended – and many thanks to Tim, Janine and the boys for fishing them out for us.