A few days ago, I wrote this post about the similarities between me and world-famous whistleblower Edward Snowden, and wondered what effect it might have on my blog stats. This is what happened:

stats 2

On the day the Edward Snowden post was published, this blog received 34 visitors and 45 views. Not quite the huge numbers I was expecting, but I didn’t go out of my way to promote the post, as I didn’t want to skew the results. The average number of pages viewed per visitor was 1.32, which doesn’t surprise me – people interested in Edward Snowden aren’t necessarily going to be interested in a yurt camp and smallholding in rural France. One other thing worth noting about the exercise is that the blog won two new followers, who are both very fit, young American men with short hair who express an interest in making lots of money. Hello to them – and welcome to a blog about making as little money as possible.

Compare this low-page-view stat with that block to the right of July 2, when I published this post about the new wind-powered fridge for guests. Here, 28 people viewed the blog and read a total of 155 pages, or 5.54 posts per visitor. Obviously, this is my real target audience and so will stick with the eco-oriented posts from now on. Any SEO-oriented stuff will now appear on my other blog.

Coming soon, the 12-foot yurt frame is up…