Yesterday evening was the preview of Her Outdoors’ first textile art show in France. For those of you who couldn’t make it to “Les Petits Plats” in Couze, here is the work for you to enjoy in the privacy of your open plan office, packed commuter train or home.

artist statement

This is the piece that greets you just inside the door. (We couldn’t find an easel to borrow, so had to make one from scratch.)


You can click on the photos to view them in more detail (which will also give you some idea of how much work goes into each piece).

textile art 1

Most of the work is along the left wall and works so well with the restaurant decor, you’d think they were made for each other.

textile exhibition

textile art 2-5

textile art 2_close

textile art 3_close

textile art 4-5_close

textile art 6-8

textile art 6_close

textile art 7_close

textile art 8_close

textile art 9-12

textile art 9_close

textile art 10-12_close

Another, larger quilt hangs on fishing wire opposite.

textile art fish

textile art quilt

Sadly, I can’t offer you any of the amuse-bouches or cocktails prepared by Phillipe and Sarah.

philippe & sarah

You’ll have to take my word for it that they were exquisite (the amuse-bouches, cocktails, and Phillipe and Sarah).

The show will be up for the next couple of months. For further information or commissions, use the contact form on the homepage of this blog and I will pass the message on.