I’m beginning to think Pepito, our “working horse”, is a bit of a hippy. He has the long, flowing blond hair, he gets through an unbelievable amount of grass – and he keeps breaking out of his field to set our rabbits free.

A few weeks ago (or was it months – we’ve been busy), he broke out, kicked the mobile rabbit runs around and allowed the boy rabbits to mingle freely with the girl rabbits, the result of which was… more rabbits.

This much you may know.

More recently, he broke out and re-released the rabbits, one of which (the mother of the unplanned bunnies) came back only at the end of the day looking tired and out of breath.

Then, yesterday (was it only yesterday – we really have been busy), he broke out again, re-re-released the rabbits, and allowed the mummy bunny to go all born free and return to the wild, from which she has not returned. I know what you’re thinking – “been eaten by a fox, more like” – and up until recently, I’d have been with you all the way.

But some years ago, after our first break-out (it’s only just occurred to me that it may have been Pepito, who broke back into his field before breakfast) and two female bunnies ran off into the night. We assumed they’d been eaten, until – a couple of weeks ago – Her Outdoors spotted a large, white bunny rabbit just down the road. Almost certainly one of ours, or a blood relative. (Most of the wild rabbits are smallish and brownish.)

It’s a good job we don’t keep lions.