The weather’s been seasonably wet, which is holding up work on two outdoor kitchens. The main kitchen looks a little bit further along than this at the moment:

main kitchen

And the new kitchen for the new 12-foot yurt looks like this:

second kitchen

Both can be finished in a matter of hours, but I’d like those hours to be dryish and warmish – which isn’t going to happen today.

In other news, Her Outdoors has been working on some yurt camp signage (we’re looking pretty dag-nammed professional this year I can tell you), altering a wedding dress for a client and writing a book I can’t tell you anything about. I’ve joined a good band that does an excellent set of motown covers and am putting myself Out There for ethical copywriting work, among other things. We’ve also been collecting wood for cooking, moving rocks for wall making and road building, thinking, planning, meeting new people and a whole lot more.

If variety is the spice of life, ours is a curry. Probably a thali. With a choice of rice.