When we had one yurt in 2010, we called it “The Guest Yurt”. In 2011, when we added a second, this became “Guest Yurt 1”. But now we’re adding a third (and probably final) yurt, we had to come up with something different.

First, we considered naming them after the wild orchids that turn up in the Spring. Then after some of our favourite trees – but in English or French? (That was the question.)

Eventually, we settled on something that feels entirely appropriate for a dreamy, other-worldy, vaguely medieval holiday in the woods. Her Outdoors has been working on the signs.

ecovallee signs

Mustardseed is the yurt you can see in the banner at the top of the homepage, to the left of the kitchen when viewed from the other side of the valley. For those of you who haven’t read the website, it’s an 18-foot coppiced chestnut yurt, with one double bed, two singles, a pine floor and a solid oak, lockable door. (Formerly known as Guest Yurt 1.) Last year, I took this photo of the inside:

mustardseed yurt

Peaseblossom is an almost identical 18-foot coppiced chestnut yurt on the other side of the kitchen. This also has the double and two singles, pine floor, lockable door etc (and was previously known as Guest Yurt 2). When we went on holiday here last year I discovered that, with the door open, the sun rises into your face as you’re lying in bed. (It was a magical moment.) Anyway, here’s the photo I took of it last year:

Peaseblossom yurt

Puck is a 12-foot coppiced ash yurt that has only been used once so far, as a honeymoon yurt. This will have a double bed and cot bed or Moses basket if necessary, and its own kitchen and eating area. It will also be cheaper, which means more people can come here. Which is what it’s always been about. This is the only photo I have of Puck at the moment:

Puck yurt

If you’ve just stumbled across this post while googlewhacking “Shakespearean yurt”, are now curious and want to know how little you need to stay here in 2013, here are the ecovallee prices.

The yurts are filling up faster than last year (which may have something to do with the weather in the UK). So if you want to book, don’t leave it too long.