A few weeks ago, theguardian ran an article on what to wear on the ski slopes this Winter. (The answer is obviously ‘exactly what you wore last year’, but instead they suggested Buying New Stuff – you’ll be relieved to know I typed a strongly worded tweet to show my displeasure.)

It reminded me to write a series of posts on Smallholder Fashion. Unlike my “Smallholder Olympics” idea which never even made it onto the blog, I am strangely relieved to introduce: The Wood Cutter look.

log man

The jacket is ex-French army and features a thermal fleece-like layer and hood. The zip doesn’t work very well, but it has buttons. (To get the look, accept the jacket as a donation from a neighbour)

Underneath the jacket is a long sweat shirt borrowed from a very tall friend for Glastonbury in the 1990s and never returned (despite repeated offers).

The next layer down is a T-Shirt. (Left behind by a HelpX helper)

Then a thermal garment. (Free, a Christmas gift)

The gloves are leather, comfortable, waterproof security gloves. (About €10 from the local agricultural supplier)

The trousers are green with only one rip. (Free again, donated by another neighbour who put on weight)

Under the trousers are thermal leggings. (Another Christmas gift)

I think we should probably stop at that layer.

The work boots have steel toes, enough hooks and eyes to stay on, and half an original lace, the other having been completely replaced with shop-bought string. (Donation from English mafia)

The socks are thermal. (Bought online, but may have been a gift)

There you have it. An entire outfit you can wear year after year, rips depending. (Except the gloves. You’ll need new gloves every few months.)

You’ll have to wait until the Spring for the next Smallholder Fashion post. I look like this pretty much all Winter.