You may know that I spent 18 years in the advertising business, in the UK and USA, as a copywriter.

In many ways, it was my perfect job. I got to draw pictures and play with words all day, work and socialise with some of the most intelligent and talented people I’ve ever met, earn what I thought was good money, and wake up in the middle of the night with burningly brilliant headline ideas that just had to be written down (only to be revealed as rubbish by the harsh morning light).

The only problem was what I was being paid to sell.

I won’t go into details. I’ll just say it was very easy to walk away from that industry and create something genuinely worthwhile. With every passing year, more of the negative energy I collected fades away and I’m returning to my natural state of Idealist Angry at the State of the World.

Now the yurt camp is finished, I have another problem – a potentially very exciting new problem you just might be able to help me with.

You see, I have this way with words. I can plant seeds of change in people’s minds. I can influence their decisions in subtle ways. I can convince them to do things they might not have done. I am, in other words, a Master of the Dark Arts of Wordsmithery.

Obviously, these skills can be used to cause harm, encouraging greed, waste and excess. But enough damage has clearly been done. I would love – no, love – to use my abilities to promote the right kind of thoughts, products and services. For the right kind of people.

If this sounds like you, someone like you or someone you like, please get in touch. You’ll probably want to see my CV and some ads I did for myself first.

What you can expect when you hire me is a copywriter who is honest, hard working, ethical and utterly committed to improving the experience of life on this planet.