When you spend €1 on “The yurt camp, the English mafia and the French resistance”, you’re not saying goodbye to your hard-earned (or easily inherited, or simply found on the street) cash forever. Because you’ll get it back the moment you book a holiday at the écovallée family yurt camp.

Every cent.

You won’t even need to book a whole week – a long weekend or midweek break qualifies for this 100% refund – and that’s 100% guaranteed.

All you need to do is click on the sock monkey in the écovallée facebook shop, pay with paypal and, within moments, the book’s yours. Not such a gamble now, is it?

Terms & Conditions

There are no Terms & Conditions. I hate Terms & Conditions. The only joy I ever had with Terms & Conditions was re-writing them whenever a lawyer tried to re-write the copy on one of my ads. Tsk. Terms & Conditions.


*Turning the headline efficiency up a notch or two this week for reasons that may become clear. There’ll be a few more executions (adspeak for ads) over the next few days, then Impressive and Dramatic Conclusions.