So, the other half of my other half’s studio is almost finished:

In the right hand corner, there’ll be a seat/bed I’ll make when I get a moment. And opposite that will be a strange Dutch wood burner a friend gave us a few years ago.

As always happens, there are some really satisfying elements of this project. One is the curve of the hardboard patch under the window – it’s the off-cut from the window end, but it just works beautifully for some reason. Another is finding a visible place for that board with writing on it. The words are printed in Robbie Coltrane’s Eastern European accent from the Bond films: “Made in Republic of Belarus”. (They’re only little things, but they make me happy.)

But probably the best bit is the door:

More precisely, the aluminium (US: aluminum) upper hinge. It’s from the original caravan door but was completely seized. I nearly threw it away a few times, but just couldn’t do it. Then the moment came during the week when I thought I would have to buy some hinges. As you may know, we don’t have the budget for that. So I spent a few minutes with some oil, a couple of pairs of pliers, and some determination. It loosened up very s-l-o-w-l-y and eventually came apart in tact.

Which means, having spent a total of €0.00 (£0.00), the new studio is bang on budget.

Sadly, there’s no time to celebrate right now. Because we’re taking advantage of some excellent weather to prepare our yurts for the Winter. The wall of our living yurt has a massive hole that needs patching:

The hole happened for a couple of reasons. One, because there’s a very small gap behind the yurt that catches leaves in the Autumn:

And two, because the cover is made from cheap canvas that doesn’t cope at all well with rotting leaves.

As well as fixing this (in the new studio), we’re taking the roof off and re-proofing it, sealing the seams with silicon, bringing the insulation from the tractor shed, putting it all back together before dusk, cutting wood and a whole load of stuff I’ll remember as soon as I stop writing this.

Like digging away that embankment so we don’t have the same problem again next year.