A couple of weeks ago, I published the first part of “écovallée behind the seams” – my book about our life since having the Big Green Idea.

It’s quite a good book, even though I write so myself. Funny, interesting, surprising, educational – all the stuff you should expect from a book – and at €1 for 13,267 words, impressively cheap. I thought this was a reasonable price to ask, being somewhere between the €0 I’d already earnt from the book and the over €200,000 it cost me to write (a figure arrived at using applied Man Maths).

I launched Part One of the book, called “The yurt camp, the English mafia and the French resistance” using this blog, which is linked to the écovallée facebook page and the twitter account. Then I sat back, excitedly, to watch social media work its magic.

The first sales were exciting. Selling two copies in five minutes was very exciting. But since then, I’ll admit, sales have been sluggish. And after a week without a sale, it’s clear I’m going to have to work on my marketing if I’m going to stand any chance of selling the 1,000 copies I need before I can start writing part two (ominously entitled “Descent into Hell”).

I’ll be using a variety of tried and trusted marketing techniques and giving totals of sales made as a result. I hope you find them interesting and/or amusing.

It’s a personal challenge for me – I spent 18 years as a copywriter (if you’ve seen “Mad Men” you’ll know what this is now), working in the UK and USA. I’ve written a The Afternoon Play for Radio 4 and an episode of The Tomorrow People for Big Finish Productions. I’ve also written a number of unproduced film and TV scripts, which I absolutely love doing (although if you haven’t done it, coming up with a story is astonishingly hard).

Now, I want this experiment to work. I do actually want to write Part Two – and not just for the second euro it might earn me (less fees from paypal). But there’s no sense in doing that if no one is interested. Or if no one likes what I’ve written already. Only time – and the next few posts – will tell…

UPDATE: If you want to buy a copy of “The yurt camp, the English mafia and the French resistance” right now, simply click on the sock monkey in the écovallée shop.