Here’s another suggestion for the recipe section of my never-to-be-written-or-read book entitled: “Embracing Austerity”.

Take four parasol mushrooms from a nearby field (having checked to make sure they will not kill you), fry for a few minutes in shop-bought butter with home-grown garlic, add some home-grown chilli and a sprinkle of shop-bought mixed herbs, and season with shop-bought salt and pepper. Meanwhile bring a pan of utility company provided water to the boil, add a large pinch of salt and drop in some leftover home-made pasta. Boil for a few minutes, during which pour a little shop-bought cream into the mushrooms.

Plate up the pasta, spoon on the mushies, grate some shop-bought parmesan and black pepper and finish with some home-grown basil. It should look like this:

We reckoned, excluding the cost of gas and lighting, each plate cost about 10 cents. Obviously, if you have a milk-producing animal you can make it for almost nothing. We’d have been happy to pay €8.95 in a restaurant – and would definitely have gone back.


I forgot to mention this earlier. You must put a few drops of lemon juice in the sauce at the end of cooking. You won’t believe how much it brings out the taste of the mushrooms.