Last Winter I wrote this:

It tells the story of écovallée from before the Big Green Idea, through where it all went horribly wrong, and up to the point where we…

No, I shouldn’t give too much away. The thing is, I could spend ages looking for an agent, then a publisher, then go through the stress of meetings, edits, proofing and the like. Or I could just publish it myself. Which is what I did a few minutes ago.

As you might expect, I’ve gone about it a bit differently. Part One, called “The yurt camp, the English mafia and the French resistance” is available via paypal from the shop on the écovallée facebook page. It costs €1 and will be emailed as a pdf. Obviously, this gives you the chance to share it around for nothing – but if you did that, you’d never get to read Part Two. Because I will only start writing “Descent into Hell” when I have sold 1,000 copies of Part One.

Obviously, you could go about it a bit differently too, and share it with everyone you know for nothing. They could always come back and buy their own version at a later date.

Right. Having launched myself onto the world stage as An Author, I have to go and feed the animals.