There was a gunshot earlier, a bit close for comfort, so I went down the hill to see if I could catch myself a hunter. I didn’t see him (almost certainly a ‘him’), but I did find that Coulemelle season is upon us!

Obviously, I had to fill a large bag with nature’s bounty…

…which I started processing immediately…

(The wine bottle is there for scale.) The mushrooms on the board went into two batches in a wok, cooked in the same way I described in this post. I ended up with all this…

…for the cost of some mixed herbs, salt, pepper and olive oil. Good for a month of Sunday supper times by following this recipe, stolen from a pub in North London:

1) Reheat the mushrooms, adding a chilli or two

2) Make some toast

3) Add cream to the mushrooms

4) Butter the toast

5) Lay some wild rocket on the toast and pour the mushrooms on top

6) Shave parmesan onto the mushrooms and finish with ground black pepper

It takes a few minutes, costs almost nothing and tastes as good as it sounds.