I’ve been spending more time blogging recently than working on Her Outdoors’ studio-to-be. One of the reasons is that I had to get beyond a low-energy funk about the complete lack of budget for the project. With help from the local dump and a friend with stacks of thin polysytrene in their barn, I got it to this stage:

Which was OK. Then I cut up some salvaged bits of caravan to cover the walls, and Her Outdoors remembered a roll of carpet we were given a few years ago. When I dug out the carpet and some spare (ee-baa, ee-baa) underlay, I found some bits of wood that Her Outdoors bought in 2000 to make a cutting table, and a bit of kitchen side that will work perfectly down the short wall. So I’m feeling a lot more positive now it looks like this:

No, it’s not beautiful. But that’s not the point. It’s a clean, dry space in which to create beautiful things. And so far, it’s bang on budget.