I did try to look up how to make stairs on the Interwebs, but nothing was forthcoming. So as usual, we had to make it up ourselves.

The steps I needed were to get from the ground to the tree bog. We agreed on the angle, I made some measurements, then couldn’t get my head around how the steps would work with my incline. Her Outdoors (who is MUCH cleverer than me) came to the rescue and together we came up with this drawing:

It’s a bit confusing, so I drew it again, overlaying (in grey) the 200 x 38 mm piece of wood that would support my steps:

Satisfied (and remeasuring for good measure), I drew the template onto a piece of wood – using a protractor for the first time in (garbled)ty-(unclear) years!

Then cut the shape out – twice:

Dug a couple of acacia supports into the ground and knocked it all together:

Steps in place, I could finally get on with laying the floor of the tree bog. More on this, later.