April 2012

We’ve had a few weeks of VERY HOT daytime temperatures and the blanket of snow has long since gone. So it’s time to take another look at the field we sowed late last year. It’s beginning to look lush.

No prizes for guessing where we dumped a few tractor buckets semi-rotted Pepito poo.

The success of this field, like all of us, is completely reliant on rain. It’s worryingly dry at the moment but there are some showers forecast for the middle of this week. Here’s hoping…

(By the way, Phil’s photos of the floor we laid this week are on the écovallée facebook page one click away – here.)

Took another break from the tree bog this week to take down a guest yurt, finish, sand and oil the frame, remake the roof wheel, and lay and oil a brand new wooden floor. (MASSIVE thanks here to Phil and Nadia who were here to help and did far too much of the work – I’ll be posting some of Phil’s photos later.)

Here is the result of our labour, in all its glory:

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