Following a bit of research on tree bogs and how to build a tree bog, during which I found this link from PermaWiki with words and pictures and this video from the excellent site, I have a plan for a tree bog of our own.


I’ve never had such a detailed plan before, and I’m pretty excited about it. (Could it be that I’m actually learning something?)

To explain the image, there’s a 30 cm slope on the land over two metres (the whole thing will be two metres by two to allow room for a sink and baby changing area). The purple bits will be round wood stripped of bark to stop the little beasties that like to live under it; the turquoise bits will be sawn pine from a local builders’ merchant; and the pink bit will be decking. Everything else will make sense during the build process which will start as soon as the rain stops (hopefully Monday).

For anyone who thinks we’re over-engineering this, we over-engineer everything. Many of our guests have very young children and safety is obviously our main concern, along with beauty. Hopefully this tree bog will be both.

The first surprising thing is the length of those roundwood uprights – 3.45 metres on average and there are nine of them. It always amazes me how much wood goes into even a small building. If you’re in a building now, take a look around and picture the materials that went into it.

I know.