November 5th 2011 is Coulemelle Day.

Coulemelle, also known as the Parasol Mushroom (Macrolepiota procera to Latin readers), is one of the few mushrooms we know we can eat. We were introduced to it by a neighbour a few years ago and, after checking two books and discovering it can’t be confused with other mushrooms due to its size, we look forward to it every year.

Calendar watchers will want to know that it arrived on November 4th 2009:

And on September 22nd 2010:

Here’s a quick recipe to celebrate this year’s magical free food day, which will extend our enjoyment by three months (if we can leave them in the freezer that long).

Bag yourself some mushies from the field. (5 mins)

Tear into bits and make a pile. (10 mins)

Put a batch in a hot wok with oil and butter. (5 secs)

Sautée. (less than 5 mins)

Put on a plate to cool. (3 secs)

Bag up, freeze and repeat while crops last. (Only a few days)