I couldn’t find a picture or design of a mobile, fox-proof rabbit run online. So I drew one on the back of an envelope, bought some wood and made this:

Here it is from the other side:

Welded mesh is apparently essential for rabbits, and we’ve certainly found chicken wire can be eaten through or snagged on roots, leading to time lost chasing rabbits round the orchard. But seeing as these runs will be in the field, any escape would lead to a wild population in close proximity to our veggie patch. (Which is forbidden.)

I say ‘these runs’, because the boys and the girls need separate accommodation. Here’s the girls’ one, finished this morning:

And from the other side:

Rabbit run enthusiasts will immediately spot the rope handle, which makes moving the run considerably easier. We found some onduline, too, which makes a very professional looking roof for the hutch. Other bits of learning applied to Run II are:

o Wider bits of tongue and groove make for fewer nails and faster construction.

o Topping the run with expensive (in France anyway) mesh is a complete waste of money. I tried cutting some corrugated iron in half but it made a ridiculous noise, so I used some old chicken wire instead. The corrugated iron sheet now sits on this, creating much-needed shade in this summer heat.

Here are the measurements if you decide you like the run so much you want to make your own:

And now, back to the weather.