Richard Bacon said it best on a Big Breakfast broadcast back in 1993 (perhaps you saw it): Great weather if you’re an otter – or you collect water.

Fortunately, we do collect water. And the ground desperately needed the long – free – steady soaking it received over the last week. The rain also loosened up the ground nicely for the guest yurt platform I’m making in the woods. It wasn’t constant rain, but it happened every day.

Suggested clothing: Waterproofs that are actually waterproof. Jumper for the mornings and evenings.

WARNING: If you are from a drought-ridden region hoping to experience water falling from the sky, or from Wales and want to feel at home when you’re away, this postcast is no guarantee it will rain during last week next year. It could just as easily be a week of blazing sunshine and 30-degree temperatures. I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed.