May 2011

That photo I was telling you about before (below):

A week of varied weather for a change. Generally hot and sunny, with at least one day in the low 30s and two days that were actually overcast. Perfect for working outside (picture to follow). On one of those days we even had a few minutes of light rain.

Clothing required: Shorts, long trousers, T-Shirts, a hoodie or fleece, shades and/or a hat.

Unbroken sunshine all week with temperatures warm to very warm. Suggested clothing: Shorts, T-shirts and sandals with a shirt for the evening at around 9 o’clock. I did actually buy a hat this week.

(I showed the kids my hat and Boy said: ‘How did you make that?’ I bought it, I told him. He said: ‘Why?’ Made us laugh.)

That Was The Week That Was…

A week for making a tyre swing (US: tire swing):

Some planky bits:

Stepping stones (made out of wood):

A climbing frame-ladder-thing:

And a very long trench in very dry ground for water access to, and waste water from, the soon-to-be-installed solar shower:

This will be the week that will be installing that solar shower and doing some more filming with itv. Did I tell you we’re going to be on the telly? Can’t say much right now except I interview very badly. I babble. Who knew?

A hot week in general, mostly in the mid 20sC, with one day reaching the mid 30s and two nights with rain and thunder. Yesterday evening it was cool enough to wear a jumper (US: sweater) but maybe only because we’ve been used to much higher temperatures.

Suggested clothing for last week: Shorts and T-shirts with jeans for the evening, and that jumper for yesterday. Or a shawl. There’s nothing wrong with a shawl.

Plenty of sun but not as hot as recent weeks during the day, with warmer mornings and evenings. A couple of days with some rain though not enough to make a serious impact on our butts. Yesterday was mostly overcast with a strong wind up at the Medieval Festival in Baneuil – enough to blow arrows off course even at short range.

Clothing required: Much like a good English summer, though no need for wellies or umbrellas. Lightweight chain mail, codpieces and pointy leather shoes for the very brave.

HOLIDAY PLANNING WARNING: This was the first medieval festival at Baneuil and it is not fixed in the calendar for next year. There are plenty of medieval festivals in the area throughout the summer with some better than others. More information may be available somewhere.

We’ve had some new arrivals this week. Nine babies in the bunny ward:

Eight chicks (with more on the way) on the other side of the orchard:

And these little pigs born off-site and safely delivered to the woods:

Note the high security fencing here, outside of which three strands of electric fence, outside of which will be stock fencing. We don’t have time to run through the woods chasing piglets this year. I would tell you more, but I don’t even have time to do that.

Cool mornings with loads of sun and plenty of heat from 10 or so. One spot of rain landed on my right forearm midweek, but it could have been something falling from a tree and fell from a cloudless sky. Still mild enough to drink red wine in the evenings.

If you’d been here, you’d have needed a fleece or hoodie for breakfast time, shades and shorts for the rest of the day. Or maybe a hat.