It’s been said by more than one visitor, and not just to us: “You’re so lucky. You get to sit around in the sunshine drinking beer all day.”


What visitors don’t realise is that while it may be true that, at that particular moment, we are sitting in the sunshine drinking beer, it is only because the visitors are there. The rest of the time, we and (almost) all the Englanders I know are working our buttocks off. By way of an example, during the last three days, I’ve been turning an 18-foot yurt platform into a 19-foot yurt platform.

Here it was on Wednesday:

On Thursday:

And just now:

Meanwhile, between seeding and weeding the lower field, Her Outdoors has been indoors, making the cover to go on the yurt, thusly:

No sitting around drinking beer for her. (Not during the day anyway.) I did have a beer a few minutes ago but, for the record, I stood the whole time. No visitors, see?