*But only if you’re prepared to wake up at a reasonable time of day and work surprisingly hard, digging, weeding, pushing wheelbarrows, making paths, clearing woodland to encourage healthy growth, fencing, yurt platform building and doing some of the other jobs that need doing over the autumn and winter months.

Yes. After the last guests leave on September 18th, the guest yurt will be free for you, people like you and people you like to come and help us continue to build écovallée. Youth, fitness and strength would all be a bonus. But seeing as we started this with none of those things, are not compulsory.

As soon as we get the paperwork sorted out, we’ll be registering as WWOOFing hosts. But as there’s a very good chance you’ll be reading this before that happens, you’re one of the first to know. We can put you up and feed you but, as we’re still fantastically poor and you’re probably English, couldn’t possibly pay your booze bill. Fortunately, very good wine is available from the “Cave” 500 metres (yards) away.

If you’re interested, send us an email. If you know anyone who might be interested – especially tree surgeons, gardeners, geologists, carpenters, biologists, blacksmiths, scythers (I can dream, can’t I?) – send them an email instead.

(In the time-honoured traditions of anglo-saxon advertising, here comes the time-limited bit…) But don’t leave it too long. From April 2nd 2011, we’ll be welcoming the first of next year’s fabulous paying guests.