You’re probably wondering what’s going on in écovallée at the moment. And the answers are, we are:
o enjoying an unbroken succession of fantastic guests
o responding to up to six availability requests every day
o clearing ground next to our yurt so we can add a second yurt before winter sets in (yes, it’s the middle of July and we’re thinking about cutting wood and insulation)
o still working on the play yurt banister (which will look amazing)
o organising a JCB to finish the access road
o sourcing and refurbishing beds just in time for people to use them
o looking forward to even more fantastic guests
o working for money occasionally (which always feels like a complete waste of time)
o planning the next yurt and yurt camp improvements
o wondering where we can find some more time

Which is why I haven’t been blogging much at the moment. Plus, it’s the school holidays and I hardly ever get the chance to sit at my own confuser.