I’ve been resisting writing it for a couple of years and more. Partly (I realise now it’s almost done), because I didn’t know who or what it was for.

Let me make that a little less clear.

In France, you are nothing without a Dossier. You need one for your bank, your social services, your utility companies, your planning applications and, most especially, your new business ideas. I suspect most of these dossiers sit on desks, or on shelves, and are only referred to by the person to whom they are addressed, with a sweep of an arm, to demonstrate how much work they have to do. I’ve resisted writing one because I find writing quite hard (even after 18 years as a professional) and absolutely do not like wasting my time.

So what’s changed?

We have a meeting this week with Someone Really Quite Important. I won’t go into details, but (our old friend coincidence making a welcome return) he is a proper politician whose responsibilities are tourism and durable development. To make the process of turning it into French a little easier, I also have an offer of help from some previous owners of our land, who are near neighbours, one of whom is an English teacher at the local school, and both of whom have been active environmentalists for the last 30 years.

You can see why I might be eversoslightly excited. The temptation to feel that it’s all falling into place (what with a big meeting going on in the regional capital today about natural waste treatment on campsites) is strong. But let’s not get hasty.

I spent what was a beautiful day outside yesterday, inside, putting the dossier together – with further help from iWork on this laptop, which could put a lot of people I used to know out of business – and it looks pretty good. I just need to have a read through and send it to my neighbour.

Then I need to getback outside and do some proper work.