Have been dabbling with the idea of doing some TV in relation to écovallée. But as a producer in the UK suggested the other day, why should people care about the self-imposed difficulties of a middle-class family living in another country, when there are so many more needful subjects to cover? (My words, not his.)

Fair point, I thought.

Meanwhile, I’ve had meetings with the mayor and the regional Chamber of Commerce and in a few short weeks, I’ll be able to report (how’s THAT for positive thinking about two and a half years of tilting at hot air?) that we’ll be open for business – legally – this year. Of course, there’s the question of finding the money for the wood for the platform, and the new cover (I never did tell you what was so wrong with the original material we bought, did I?) and a few furnishings.

Horse. Cart. Cart. Horse. (Hang on – we do have a cart horse, but we did get the horse before… No. We haven’t even found the cart yet.) For old times’ sake, and to give your eyes a rest from all these weary words, here’s a photo of the yurt we were originally going to live in, in front of the Brighton Earthship.

And to keep you really up to date, here’s the yurt we’re living in now (when the snow kindly covered all the crap lying around in the yard).

Maybe I should have called this post: Spot the snowball.