One of the many urgent jobs on the list, now the kids have gone back to school, is to build a rabbit run for those fast-growing kittens you didn’t exactly see a couple of blog posts ago.

Being fantastically poor, it has to be done on the cheap. Preferably free. So I took some of the wood I bought to make the kitchen cabinet frames – rough wood, roughly 250 x 8 x 4 (cm not in) – and started to cut it lengthways. Which was quickly surprisingly tiring (I didn’t get a day off on Sunday – we were moving bamboo to make a fence, among other things – and my body’s feeling it right now).

Not wanting to waste what little energy I had, I phoned a friend and asked if they had a jigsaw I could borrow. They did, but they didn’t have a blade. Which is sometimes The Way of Things.

Then Her Outdoors asked me why I didn’t use some of the wood we’ve got lying around in the… um… woods. Slightly unwillingly, I grabbed a couple of weapons and spent an excellent couple of hours turning some hawthorn I’d cut down in the summer into some (hopefully) useful materials. Which I’ll show you more of, soon.

Next time, I won’t be quite so unwilling.