The Very Exciting Idea I had the other day is a way of raising money to make écovallée even more fabulously eco.

It’s called: “YURTOPOLY”.

As might be expected from the name, it’s a Game/Prize Draw/Thing where players pay €2 for the chance of winning a week in écovallée in July 2010. Having investigated it a little further, it might well be illegal.

But the possibility of super-eco-luxury having raised it’s beautiful head again (rather than the less glamourous although less expensive and therefore open to more People Like Us alternative), I carried on thinking.

And my think went like this: What we’re doing here, fighting the French system to open a sustainable, forward-looking etc etc business, is a bit like cycling from John O’ Groats to Land’s End and back again – several times – only more demanding. And people get sponsored to do that kind of thing. Which is how “FRIENDS OF ECOVALLEE” came to be.

It would cost €10 to become a Friend; for €50 you could become a Good Friend (and have a free massage when you’re here); for €100 you could become a Great Friend (and get two nights free when you book a week); and for more than that you could become a Soulmate and enjoy our unending love and appreciation (two people have already done this).

My question to you is: What do you think? All comments welcome.