A couple of years ago, when we first started doing this manual (and womanual) labour, we realised that you need one day off a week to let your body rest. Otherwise you become a Dr Who-monster-like being trudging very slowly from one monumental task to the next.

We’d forgotten this.

With winter coming and so much to do, we’ve been working every moment to Get Things Done. Especially necessary when, without electric light, our day finishes when the sun goes down (currently around 8.20).

Until yesterday.

After spending a very pleasant evening with some new friends, I awoke feeling a little fragile (I tell you, that eau de ville is to be avoided at all costs). I suggested that I go and work on the yurt platform until I felt a bit better, but Her Outdoors bade me (I’m reading that book set in the 19th Century, remember?) lie in the hammock and rest.

Work was off the menu for the day. The sun shone. It was glorious.

Time off also meant we could get through a hillock of paperwork that had built up over the last few weeks, have a Proper Wash (which entails much boiling of pans on the camping stove) and generally Get Things In Order. The day ended with a few beers with some other friends, before returning to cook risotto in the dark (picture me, candle in left hand, spatula in right, peering into pan to see if the stock has been soaked up – you get the idea). Then more “Jonathan Strange…” by candlelight.

Today, I feel relaxed, rested and ready to take on the world. Good thing too. You have no idea how much work there is to be done…